More Success for John-Paul

Our young protege. John-Paul Moberly, has continued to distinguish himself immensely in competitions across the world.

In March, J-P won through to the last 16 of the world Golf Croquet (GC) championships in Australia before being knocked out of the main event. In the subsidiary event for the eight players eliminated at that point, he was runner up making him ranked 10th in the competition. Some achievement!

In June J-P won the Ramsgate Open before playing in the British GC Doubles and Singles Championships in the following week.

In both British events, J-P was runner up in each case being beaten by the World Champion Reg Bamford in the final. There is a YouTube video of the final between J-P and Reg that can be viewed at

John-Paul is now ranked 11 in the world and 3 in the UK!