Bishop Monkton friendly

On July 22 we took a team of 8 to play a friendly game at Bishop Monkton, a village in Yorkshire between Ripon and Harrogate.

The format was 7 rounds of four 30-minute games of doubles arranged so that each player partnered everyone else in their team over the day and everyone faced all of the opposing team at some time.

As has been the occasion too much in 2015, the day had a number of rather wet spells resulting in an extended lunch break and a spell of “leaping frogs” (don’t ask).

Our hosts were extremely welcoming, but we lost 92-117 on hoops scored over the day.

It isĀ also worth noting that a village of around 700 souls has wonderful community sports and social facilities far better than anything that Durham City can offer.

2015 Murphy Shield news

This year the draw gave us a first round bye and a match against Bury in the second round.

Having won the “toss” (a.k.a. choosing whether the bonus ball in a lottery draw turned out to be odd or even), we entertained Bury at Chester-le-Street in late May and won 5-2 (details on the Croquet Association web site).

The draw gave us a quarter final tie against Ashby who we beat at home last year a round earlier.

Being their turn to be at home, we went down in mid July, but last 4-2 in somewhat wet conditions (full results).

So we relinquish our title … until next year perhaps.